Pool Deck Painting & Sealing

We Can Professionally Paint Your Deck Any Color You Would Like.

Pool Deck Painting is one of our more popular services. Most Customers are very surprised at how much of a difference just a coat or two of Pool Deck Paint will make.

Every Deck at one point or another will need a fresh color coat of Pool Deck Paint/Sealant. Properly Painting with the right material is the best way to preserve your decking and it usually helps to keep it looking its best.

However before painting, there are some Pool Decks that require more extensive Repairs or Resurfacing. Contact Us for a Free Estimate to find out exactly what you need for your Deck to look it’s Best.

We carry every color in stock from the lightest of tans to the darkest of reds and browns. All of our fresh stock is from the most trusted brands in the business as we only use the very best products available on the market from start to finish.

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Cool Decks are on average 20 Degrees cooler than traditional decking.

Hence the word “cool”. It’s very important to make sure an experienced Cool Deck Professional is hired for your job. Anyone can paint a deck, but using and applying the right products are very important.

Our Basic Service

This is an essential and the most popular service that maintains the appearance and life of your deck.

Each Basic service includes:

  • Complete Pressure Wash
  • Repair Cracks and Chips
  • Touch-up Repairs with Color Cool Decking
  • Repaint/Seal areas on deck (if needed)

Sometime decks require more than just the Basic Service.

Our Advanced Service

Our Advanced Pool Deck Service is the same process as our Basic Service but we add in all the other necessary steps that will make your Pool Deck look refreshed and as close to brand new as you can imagine or better.

Each Advanced Service includes all Basic Service items listed above plus:

  • Complete Deck Resurfacing, Repainting/Sealing

The Arizona sun is very harsh and does fade the colors of all decks within just a few years. So make sure to keep it sealed and it will look great for many years to come.

No matter what type of problem you are having call us we can take care of it.


We carry all paint colors and materials in stock so when you are ready to do the job, we are ready. We offer all color choices and can spray or if you have a tight area or prefer, we can use a roller for your project. Either way it will come out its very best.

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Changing the Color of Your Deck

Darkening the Color can change the whole look of your backyard. It’s amazing how much things look different by just Paint Seal Coating your deck a different color can do. 

Roll or Spray Your Pool Deck..?

Each pool deck is evaluated to determine the best method for applying the deck paint sealant by rolling or spraying.

We are equipped to Roll your Deck with a high quality roller or Spray your Deck with the Best Sprayers in the business.

You are guaranteed a pool deck you will love for years to come.

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