Pool Deck Crack & Chip Repairs  

We Specialize in Pool Deck Repairs and Restoration.

We have seen just about every type of Pool Deck Repair issue. 

Most repairs are not an emergency while others should be fixed right away. 

Waiting can cause it to spread and get worse by the week.

If you have Pool Deck Cracks or Pool Deck Chipping call us for a free estimate. 

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Pool Deck Peeling – Pool Deck Chipping & Crack Repairs

We offer Full-Service needs for your Decking.
  • Pool Deck Repairs (Cracking – Chipping – Peeling)
  • Pool Deck Resurfacing
  • Pool Deck Painting/Sealing
  • All types of Concrete Coatings & Overlays
  • Expansion Strip Repairs & Replacement
  • Concrete Additions & Add-ons

Pool Deck Section Repairs

Sometimes we see pool deck repair issues with minor cracking or chipping in certain areas. It is possible with a few quick repairs and a colored recoating your deck will be like new again and on budget. Taking care of minor Pool Deck Crack Repairs is by far the best way to keep your pool deck looking good. 

Although all decks have some degree of cracks and chipping, some can be repaired without a complete resurfacing. But there are occasions where a complete resurfacing will be necessary.

Pool Deck Crack & Chip Repairs. Deck Installation & Painting.

Scottsdale Pool Deck Repairs & Resurfacing

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Pool Deck Peeling, Cracking or Chip Repairs

We are a Full Service Pool Deck Company that Specializes in outdoor pool areas.

Pool Deck Repairs (Cracks/Chips)

Deck Resurfacing & Repainting/Coating

Acrylic or Concrete Textures Available

Concrete Overlays w/many Designs

Pool Deck Painting/Sealing

Expansion Strip Repairs/Replacement

Concrete Add-ons to Existing Decking

We Specialize in all types of Pool Decks

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Drainage Strips that are cracked can be unsightly. Especially when they are near your front or rear entry. We can make those unsightly issues disappear. We will completely remove any trace of the prior drainage strip and then install another that looks identical or very close. It is also important to keep your drainage strips in good working order.


Plastic Divider Strips or “white strips” are sometimes the first thing to go. Cracking, breakage , warping are just a few things that can go wrong. We can make those unsightly issues disappear. We replace both Drainage strips or plastic expansion strips that you find on most decks.

The Before and After Pictures Below show cracking on a couple of pads near the pool edge. This cracks were repaired and the deck was repainted/coated.

BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER

The Before and After Pictures Below show lifting, chipping & peeling  near the pool deck boulders at the edge. This repair was made and repainted/coated.

BEFORE                                                                                                 AFTER

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Most Recent Project.

This is the project of the month. The deck has bad chipping in multiple areas and also has a couple bad cracks. This deck we needed to remove and add a new concrete section. Afterward curing, we high pressure cleaned this deck. Then, we will vacuum grind the chipping and cracking areas. Afterwards we apply several products from our long proven process and start applying the coatings. Once the coatings and other items have had a good chance to cure we apply the paint sealer color of the customers choice.

Previous Project Featured.

Our previous featured project. The deck was repaired at the skimmer. It also had plenty of other issues throughout. As you can see from the before and after, even with the worst of damage we can make it look like it was never there.

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