Pool Deck Resurfacing & Refinishing

Resurfacing or Refinishing will remedy most every issue.  

Resurfacing gets rid of even the biggest of eye sores by eliminating the problem.

We first locate your trouble spots and then take care of them by vacuum grinding and then we perform repairs.

All of our equipment is Top Quality and Dust Free.

However before choosing Resurfacing, there are some Pool Decks that require only Repairs or Painting.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate to find out exactly what you need for your deck to look it’s Very Best.

We only use the very best products available on the market from start to finish.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing or Refinishing is the best way to get your deck looking like new again.

Our Basic Service includes all the necessary steps to maintainence your Pool Deck back to life and to keep it looking good while mainting it’s life. Some Pool Deck only require this while others may require an entire resurfacing.

Our Basic Service:

  • High Pressure Washing/Cleaning
  • Repair Minor Cracking & Chipping
  • Touch up Paint/Coating

Sometimes pool decks have more issues that require more than just the Basic Service.

Our Advanced Service:

Our Advanced Service is the same process as our Basic Service above however we add in all the other necessary steps that will make your Pool Deck look refreshed and as close to brand new as you can imagine or better.

This Advanced service includes all Basic Service items above plus:

  • Complete Deck Resurfacing, Repainting and Sealing

The Arizona sun is very harsh and does fade the colors of all decks within just a few years. So make sure to keep it sealed and it will look great for many years to come.

No matter what type of problem you are having call us we can take care of it.

 We carry all paint colors and materials in stock so when you are ready to do the job, we are ready. We offer all color choices and can spray or if you have a tighter, we can use a roller for your project. Either way it will come out its very best.

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Pool Deck Crack & Chip Repairs. Deck Installation & Painting.

Scottsdale Pool Deck Repairs & Resurfacing

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