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Cool Deck Repair and Resurfacing is by far the best way to get your pool deck to Brand New Condition.

However, if your deck is only having issues with minor cracking or chipping, then with a few quick repairs and a colored recoating your deck will be like new again.

Although all decks have some degree of cracks and chips, most can be repaired without a complete resurfacing.

No matter what your deck needs, rest assured we are extremely experienced and aim to please.


Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Calcium is another problem we can fix for you. Pool Ring Removal by Bead Blasting is one of our most popular services.

 No matter how terrible your pool tile is, with this unique process it will look like new again. 

After your pool tile cleaning we apply sealer on the tile and grout. This helps prevent the calcium from returning anytime soon.

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Welcome to our Website.
Not a Licensed Contractor
We offer Full Service needs for your Decking.
  • Deck Repair (Cracks/Chips)
  • Deck Resurfacing & Repainting/Coating
  • Acrylic or Concrete Textures Available
  • Concrete Overlays w/many Designs
  • All types of Cool Deck Repairs/Painting
  • Expansion Strip Repairs/Replacement
  • Additions to Existing Decking
  • We Specialize in all types of Decks
The Pool Deck King has over 15 years experience specializing in Deck Repairs & Resurfacing in Arizona. 

Please call to arrange a Free Estimate.
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Plastic Divider Strips or "white strips" are sometimes the first thing to go. Cracking, breakage , warping are just a few things that can go wrong. We can make those unsightly issues disappear.


We Specialize in Pool Deck Repair